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Ambulance Clinicians


DG Medics specialise in providing ambulance clinicians from Emergency Care Assistants and Technicians too Paramedics and Emergency Care Practitioners. 

All staff are fully compliant to a CQC/NHS standard to ensure good governance. 

Event & Festival Medical Cover


DG Medics Ltd can provide the service that you require in order to meet the legislation regulations, HSE or employment standards. If it’s as simple as first aid kits, we can provide it! Have an event and need a full first aid post with a medical team? We can provide it!


At DG Medics Ltd we have access to a range of facilities to suit your needs. This is done by working in conjunction with other medical companies to ensure that their needs are met. 

First Aid Training


Another big part of the work that DG Medics Ltd undertake is training. If you require first aid training specific to your job role or just a basic first aid understanding we can provide the service that is needed. From full day first aid courses to evening classes. More information on training can be found on our training page. 

Available Resources

- Response Vehicle                  - Ambulances

- Defibrillator Teams               - Cycle Responders

- First Aid Posts                        - Treatment Facility/Centre

- Club Medics                           - On Site Medical Services 

Night Club Medics


DG Medics Ltd can provide staff at your venue whether it’s a Bar, Club or Recognised Venue to ensure that the needs of your customers are met when it comes to first aid under the Health and Safety Legislation.


We understand that all premises have the occasional accidents where incidents can arise but with DG Medics Ltd on site, you don’t have to worry about tending to the casualties.

Blood & Organ Transport


DG Medics Ltd are able to transport Organs, Blood and Medical Equipment for NHS and other UK or European Hospitals and Organisations.


This can be achieved via several responses with our Emergency Response Vehicles whether that be non-time critical or a blue light response. 


" DG Medics Ltd does NOT supply equipment, blood or products derived from blood or tissue to the services we provide for. Neither does the company have any direct contact with any donor or patient in line of donation as DG Medics Ltd is solely for the transportation of such goods on behalf of the client ".


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