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Blood, Organs, Tissue Samples, Blood Tests, Documents, Patient Files, X-rays,  Pharmaceuticals, Breast Milk, Urgent Lab Results, Lab Samples

Blood, Tissue, Organ & Equipment Transport


DG MEDICS are able to provide a transport service for NHS and other Private UK or European Hospitals and Organisations. This is achieved using our Emergency Response Vehicles which are fully insured for Blue Light use.


Our dedicated vehicles can transport Organs, Blood, Tissue Samples, Patient Notes, X-rays, Certain Pharmaceuticals, Breast Milk, Lab Results and Medical Equipment. 


Whether it be a non-time critical routine journey or a blue light response, DG MEDICS can provide the service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

DG MEDICS ensures that every vehicle is suitably equipped to carry the necessary items specified. A safe transit is paramount thus highlighting the importance of the Environmental Health's IATA Packing Instruction 650 Regulations. 


Before transporting any item, DG MEDICS Staff ensure that suitable packing and storage of the item is maintained to highlight safety measures. All items are suitably sealed, packaged and labelled with the UN3373 (as shown to the right) if they fall into Category B, Biological Substances.

All of our staff are suitably trained to deliver an effective and reliable service. 


All vehicles are tracked and have the latest Satellite Navigation and Radio Communication Systems to ensure an effective delivery of service.


Please call the Dispatch Office on the numbers below to book a transfer or have one of our vehicles dedicated to your site. 


Switchboard: 0800 772 3027 (24 Hour)

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